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Example Courses Taught
SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology
This introductory course in social research methods offers an overview of how sociologists study the social world. It provides the basic tools needed to conduct social research while also developing the skills necessary to critically evaluate the research of others. The course explores fundamental sociological concepts and examines a variety of approaches to social research. ​
SOC 433: Race, Class, & Gender
This course aims to provide students with a theoretically and historically grounded understanding of race, class, gender, and sexuality in the United States; a framework for understanding intersections of oppression and privilege via socially constructed categories of race, class, gender, and sexuality; language to assess and identify racism, sexism, institutional authority, and multiculturalism; and a familiarity with the debates and major texts students will encounter in contemporary American society. This course takes an interdisciplinary, but mainly sociological, approach to explore theories and empirical research on race, class, gender, and sexual inequality.
SOC 319: Qualitative Research Methods in Sociology           
This course explores the design, practice, and skills of conducting qualitative research. We examine different methods that are employed by sociologists and other social scientists. Throughout the semester, students will have the opportunity not only to assess the use of the methods in the discipline by scholars but also will practice conducting qualitative research themselves. Students will collect, analyze, and present their qualitative data and learn the powerful insights to be learned from qualitative sociological inquiry.
Sample Student Feedback
"This was such a rewarding class! One of my favorites at SU. It was largely due to Prof. Terrell's amazing teaching skills. He's such an eloquent speaker and provides such an insightful response to students' remarks while keeping the class engaged. Honestly, one of the best teachers I've seen so far. Great class and teacher."
"The strengths are the overall presentation of material in a manner that is interesting and leads you to think about issues you never thought of as “natural”. Professor Winder is very knowledgeable and presents the material well. Very approachable. All in all, a really great course."
"He is very straightforward and tells you exactly what he wants to see from our research. All the assignments and readings we has us do are necessary and has a reasoning behind it."
"Prof. Winder is truly awesome, relatable and helpful and I thoroughly enjoyed his class and teaching style."
"Professor Winder is a good professor! His lectures are very clear and he is obviously incredibly knowledgeable on the subject. I personally enjoy when he gives examples of content based on his own experiences. It makes content easier to understand and class more enjoyable."
"Professor Winder was always willing and available to answer any questions. He did an excellent job of clarifying any questions or concerns students have"
(Full copies of student feedback are available by request.)
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